Python Scientific Stack

Calling Python functions from Excel should be easy.

xlSlim makes calling Python functions as simple as possible. No Python code changes are required (although sometimes type hints are).

Use Python in Excel just like Jupyter notebooks

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Streaming data into Excel should be easy

Any Python generator function can be used to stream data into Excel. No more worrying about how IRTDServer works. The video below shows how numpy arrays can be streamed from Kafka to Excel.

Watch a movie in Excel!

  • Free of charge

    xlSlim is available free of charge! You can use it for any purpose without any license fees. Some features require a Premium license.

  • Python Included

    No need to install Python, Python 3.10 is included.

  • Stream data

    Use standard Python iterators to stream data into Excel.

  • No code changes

    Run Python functions from Excel with no code changes.

    No additional packages need to be installed.

  • VBA/Excel add-in functions

    Call VBA functions from Python.

    Call Excel add-in functions from Python.

  • Automatic object caching

    Python objects are automatically cached. Moving objects in and out of the cache is taken care of without requiring any code changes.


30 minute overview

  • numpy

    numpy arrays are fully supported.

    numpy arrays can be created from Excel ranges.

  • pandas

    pandas series and dataframes are fully supported.

    pandas series and dataframes can be created from Excel ranges.

  • Existing Python environments

    Existing conda and venv environments can be used.

  • Background process

    Problems with maintaining the same DLL versions in your Python packages and Excel add-ins?

    xlSlim can run the Python code in a background process.